My story
Howdy folks! My name is Huck! I'm originally from West Virginia and I've come all the way to New York to find my new home. I reckon we'd have a blast once I get to know you, but I might take a few minutes to approach you initially. I love my friends and family dearly, but like most introverts, convincing me to expand my social circle can be tough! Once we are friends, I really enjoy leaning on you in hopes of some scratches. Oooooooooo those are the BEST! Tennis balls are a close second, though, so if you have a yard where we can play fetch and a good pitching arm, I'll be in heaven. I wouldn't mind a canine friend or two either. I don't think I'm asking for too much in a new home, just folks that let me adjust at my own pace and don't expect me to help host dinner parties. In exchange, I promise to help you protect your house, and provide plenty of goofy hound play! Think your home fits the bill? Well shoot, ya oughtta come and say hi then! (Adoption Category: Purple)

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